The Windfish

Windfish is a game tracker that works in all major web browsers and is designed for tracking progress in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Randomizer


Keep tabs on places you've been, places you're going and what was found when you got there!

  1. 50+ Map Markers
    1. Dungeons, chests, NPCs, entrances and landmarks
    2. Entrances are linked together; hovering shows both points
    3. Dungeon markers indentify their accessibility based on your current items
  2. Multiple overlays including entrances and collectibles
  3. Use different map images to ease your navigation


Just activate an item or event and forget about pulling up your menu to check again!

  1. Different layout modes to expand on what you want to track
    1. Required Items & Dungeons
    2. Collectibles & Keys
    3. Pieces of Heart, Songs & Events
  2. Track the amount of potential unique chests in dungeons


Let the Windfish work for you!

  1. Visual customizations
  2. Persistent settings